Appreciate your employees with the perfect gift

Would you reward an employee? Want to thank colleagues for their efforts? With Kadonation you give them the most beautiful smile!

4 out of 10 employees want a birthday present

Private occasions are often not on the employer's radar, recent research shows. And yet it is precisely these moments that score best on the appreciation barometer. Reason enough for employers to focus on this.

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A personal gift with unlimited possibilities

The perfect gift for your employees

Your colleagues can choose from a range of more than 1000 shops. This way you are one hundred percent sure to give them the right gift and you will receive the biggest smile.
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On precious moments

Celebrating a work anniversary or a retirement, toasting on a wedding or a birth, or supporting someone during a hard time... Showing appreciation at precious moments works wonders for your employees.
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With the look & feel of your company

Whether you choose a digital gift voucher, a gift card or a luxurious gift box, the possibilities of personalization are endless, even completely in the corporate identity of your company.
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The Kadonation Gift Voucher

The most multi-purpose gift

With the Kadonation Gift Voucher, you give every employee the most beautiful smile.


Your employee chooses a gift from a range of more than 1000 shops. And if you wish, we make the gift voucher in the look and feel of your company.

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Kadonation Select

The most convenient gift portal

Make it even easier for yourself to appreciate | motivate | thank your employees.


With Kadonation Select you keep control over the gift spending in your organisation and avoid administrative hassle. Includes a handy agenda and planner so that you don't forget anyone.

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Together for a better world

As a company, we are aware of the impact we have on society and the environment. That'swhy we make every effort to achieve the greatest possible positive impact and to limit the negative consequences of our actions as much as possible. We are constantly striving for profit in terms of the 3 Ps: People | Planet | Profit. With international initiatives and local actions, we are committed to a better world.


We set up a partnership with WeForest, where we plant 1 tree in Zambia for every €100 collected.


Mirto is a bespoke company with more than three hundred people. They help us with the logistics.

Good causes

We have more than 10 good causes as gift partner available on our online platform.