End of year assortment

Heart-warming gifts for your team or business relations

NEW: In addition to the versatile Kadonation Gift Voucher, we now also offer you tasty Christmas gifts in various price categories.


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What are the benefits of Kadonation Select?


Save time

Find the perfect gift in no time
No hassle of invoices and receipts



With a video or message from colleagues
In your company branding




Automate and configure permissions
Keep an overview of all payments

Gifts and thank yous

Original gifts with a personal touch

  • Wide range of physical and digital gifts
  • Unique, personalised messages
  • Convenience for you and appreciation for your employees

One size doesn't fit all. With Kadonation Select you'll always find the right gift for the right occasion.

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Events and occasions

Celebrate every special occasion

  • Onboarding
  • Birthday
  • Newborn
  • Anniversary
  • Holidays

With Kadonation Select you can really be a part of those occasions that are so important to your employees.

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Integrate and save time

When you choose Kadonation Select, you're opting for a streamlined gift policy. In just a few clicks you can connect your key HR tools to our platform, allowing you to:

  • Set up automatic flows for every occasion.
  • Receive reminders for birthdays, work anniversaries and more.
  • Never again forget any employee, even if they've just joined.
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750+ companies are using Kadonation to appreciate their employees

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Logo testimonials_2

"For years we've been very satisfied with how smoothly everything runs with Kadonation. Our Kadonation Select customer platform is a big hit!"

- Naomi Duym. Compensation & Benefits Specialist

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"Kadonation Select is an efficient, clearly designed and user-friendly platform that allows me to quickly order a gift for any occasion."

- Jasmine Pieters. Management Assistant

Interested in how we can help you?

Discover what Kadonation Select can do for your organisation. We're happy to answer your questions during a personal conversation or in a demo with one of our specialists.