A selection of our end-of-year gifts

Express your appreciation with something really touching: discover a range of gifts to make them smile.

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   Kadonation Gift Voucher   


With the Kadonation Gift Voucher you're giving them a whole shopping street to choose from. From adventure to wellness or design, from spoiling themselves to donating to charity. A party for both giver and receiver, to be celebrated at over 80 shops.

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   Kadonation Gift Voucher & Mini Gift   


If you want to add a little extra, combine the Kadonation Gift Voucher with a tasty gift – perfect for instant happiness. Lip lickingly good, or so our sources tell us. Don't feel like sharing? We won't hold it against you!

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   Lovely gifts   


Prefer to go for a gift that your team won't gobble up straight away? Our lovely gifts are a guaranteed hit!
Advent calendars are a sweet way to count down the last days of the year, but our Christmas packages are also sure to leave a lasting impression. If you want to add a little extra, they can also be combined with the Kadonation Gift Voucher.

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   Premium gifts   


If you really want to thank your team, there are always our premium gifts too. Each of them a luxurious Christmas package full of gems. For more freedom to choose, give them the Kadonation Gift Voucher as a little extra.
What ‘war for talent’?

Putting a smile on their employees' faces:

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Looking for the best end-of-year gifts?

We're happy to help you tie 2022 up in a big bow.

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