Kadonation Select

The easy way to send gifts

With Kadonation Select you'll never miss an opportunity to effortlessly – or automatically – give your employees a personal gift. It's up to you to decide who can spend what amount, and an overview allows you to keep track at all times.

Simple ordering

A gift in just a few clicks

It's an employee's birthday, they're getting married or retiring? A team member has wowed you with their performance? All great occasions to show how much you appreciate your employees. Kadonation Select helps you increase their happiness at work in a simple and personalised way.

All you need to do is select the occasion, the gift, the delivery method (digital, delivered to the office or their home) and enter the recipients. Now add a personal message and you're all set.


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Simple user management

Multi-user platform

Kadonation Select is an extremely handy tool for HR, team leaders and office managers to give gifts.

It's easy to add as many users as you need. Then for each one, pick what they're able to do. This way you can set which gifts can be ordered for which occasions. Keep an eye on things by adding an approval workflow.

Simple invoicing

Up to date

A handy overview of all gifts per user, department or period helps you always keep an eye on the latest numbers, which means no more budgetary surprises.

Decide for yourself how and when you want to be invoiced. This way you can keep your admin work to a minimum.


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Looking for a hassle-free way to send gifts to your employees?

Book an appointment now and discover what Kadonation Select can do for you.