Kadonation Select

Your gift policy, streamlined and customised

Personal gifts have a positive impact on happiness at work. But setting up a streamlined gift policy across your whole organisation isn't easy. With Kadonation Select, you can wave goodbye to ad-hoc gift giving and inconsistencies in your gift policy.

Streamlined gift policy

Say goodbye to inconsistencies

Nothing is more damaging for the working atmosphere than inconsistencies in your gift policy. Thanks to Kadonation Select, you can now standardise your gift policy across all departments and locations.

You decide who gives what gifts and for which occasions, and which users are subject to any approval workflow. The easiest way to streamline your gift policy.


Completely customised

Easy to set up

As the main user, you're in the driver's seat. Simple settings allow you to completely customise the Kadonation Select gift platform for your company.

For gift management, user management and invoicing, you decide what's allowed and how you'd like it to be handled. You have full control over this handy application.

screenshot KDN Select company settings
Consistent style

Put your stamp on all gifts

Package it all up in your own consistent style. Kadonation Select lets you add your own look and feel to all gifts. 

Go for complete personalisation and add your own design for each occasion. From the gift voucher to the email, sleeve around the gift box and even the landing page, you can tailor everything to your company branding.


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Want to streamline your gift policy?

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