Kadonation Select

Free gift platform

Kadonation Select is free to use. Give your employees the right gift for the right occasion. Without any extra costs.

Free of charge

The following services are free

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited gift orders
  • Add an unlimited number of personalised designs
  • Personalisation (of names, messages)
  • Configure budgets for each occasion
  • Configure an approval workflow
  • Use our automated services for e.g. work anniversaries/birthdays
  • API integration with your HR system
  • Set up Kudos campaigns
  • ...
You’ll also receive free onboarding training and support.



These paid services are optional

  • Custom-made gift voucher: this is of course free if you have your own design, but if you would like us to develop something for you, a design fee applies. 
  • Shipping costs: we use the standard postage rates.
  • Handling costs: some gifts require a little extra effort: gift voucher in a box, little extras alongside the voucher, etc. 
  • Personalised landing page

If you decide to try out one of our paid services, you’ll always be shown the costs upfront. No last-minute surprises.


Interested in using our free gift platform?

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