Kadonation Select

Keep control of your gift spending

With Kadonation Select you give a personalized gift in a simple way, keep control over the gift expenses and take care of your organization from the administrative hassle.

The many advantages of Kadonation Select

Saving time

No more searching for the right gift and dealing with time constraints to order gifts in time. Order a gift for just one employee or for a group in a few clicks with Kadonation Select.

Personal touch

Add a personal touch to your employee gifts. You can add a text, a video message or your company logo and the company colours.


Control all the gift expenses within the applicable company rules and the fiscal rules. Set up a budget for every user, for every department or for the whole company.


Stay on top of the orders at all times and use the overview of expenses per occasion, per user and per time period.

For every moment

Appreciate I motivate I thank your employees at moments that count, such as seniority, retirement, weddings, births, dedication...
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The perfect gift

Your emplpoyees can use the Kadonation Gift Voucher at more than 1.000 stores. That way, you’ll definitely give them the perfect gift. On top of that, the gift voucher can be split or cumulated.
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