Kadonation Group Gift

 Arranging a gift for the farewell of a colleague, a new baby, a wedding or a retirement?

Contribute easily and safely for a group gift together with your colleagues. Done with the envelope that has to go around. Collecting money is now a snap of your fingers. With the Kadonation Group Gift you ensure a smooth collection and give your colleague a versatile gift voucher.

How do you handle it?

Quickly started

Create a group gift for your colleague in just a few clicks and free of charge. Choose the occasion, the beneficiary and set a deadline.
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Personalize it

Give your group gift page a personal touch. Personalize the title and description. Add a matching or funny photo of the recipient. Determine what is visible to other contributors, e.g. contribution, message, total amount collected... Finally, personalize the url.

Invite colleagues

Share the url of the group gift with your colleagues via e-mail, WhatsApp, Messenger, ... and invite them to contribute. Safely and even remotely. Depending on your settings, their contributions, their messages and the total amount collected may or may not be visible.

See the gift growing

As the organizer of the group gift, you keep an overview of who contributes and you see the group gift grow with each contribution. If desired, send a payment reminder to those colleagues who still wish to contribute. For every € 100 collected we plant 1 tree with WeForest.

Surprise with endless choice

Deadline reached or amount collected, then you decide how to surprise your colleague. With the collected money you give your colleague the versatile Kadonation Gift Voucher, to be spent at more than 1000 shops and charities. Or you can spend the collected money yourself and give your colleague a physical gift.
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