Celebrate all valuable moments

A token of appreciation creates miracles

Countless moments are good for rewarding | motivating | thanking your employees. An attention for a birthday, retirement, birth, marriage or end of year makes every employee shine.

Surprise your employees at these moments

Christmas or end-of-year

Looking back on the past year and looking forward to the future. The end-of-year period is the perfect time to thank your employees for their efforts. And of course you prefer to do that with the perfect gift!
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Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas, please fill the shoes of your employees with a little surprise. We have the Kadonation gift voucher in Saint-Nicholas theme, to be spent at more than 1000 shops, and some very delicious gifts.
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Happy Birthday

Treat your employees to a happy birthday and a gift. With our 'Happy Birthday Service' you won't forget a single colleague! And what's more, per € 100 birthday gift vouchers we transfer € 1to FEESTvarken. Because every child deserves a happy birthday.
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Seniority and pension

An employee who retires or who has been working for you for many years, may be rewarded. A warm word on the Gift Voucher makes it even more personal.
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Top performance

A difficult project that was completed on time? The launch of a new product that was worked hard on? An exceptional team effort? That calls for an extra attention! Give your employees a gift that everyone appreciates!
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The earlier, the more strategic and the more personal you welcome a new employee, the more successful you will be. So it's also about how you make your new recruit feel at home in your organisation. To facilitate this, you can build in fun activities and gifts, which will motivate even more.


Becoming a parent is a special moment in your employee's life. Congratulations and an extra nudge make it even more valuable. Did you know that birth is one of the fiscally favourable moments for a staff gift?

Employee Appreciation Day

Every third Thursday in April we celebrate 'Employee Appreciation Day'. An excellent moment to thank your staff member. Looking for a gift that really makes everyone happy? You should consider to give the Kadonation Gift Voucher.
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With an Easter attention, you also pass on the joy of Spring to your employees. And hopefully we can all celebrate Easter in the office this year.
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