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The Netherlands

Darwin Cannavo

Sales Manager in the Netherlands

I'm triggered by sales teams who love their work and who love to welcome inspiration and growth. Giving and receiving appreciation is a people's job. ''Hence my enthusiasm to be able to take care of this on behalf of Kadonation for employers, appreciating their employees as personally as possible''. Wherever you go or whatever you do, appreciation is key!

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Brussels & Wallonia

Charlotte Comptdaer

Senior Sales Executive

After a few years at the counter at larger companies, I found a complete turnaround at the start-up Kadonation... The flexibility, the speed and the enthusiasm is the guiding principle here, and that's what I was attracted by! I'm a mother of three, but I still find some free time for fun dinners with friends and occasional sports.

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The Netherlands

Thomas Beeckman

Account executive

Hi, my name is Thomas. In my spare time I can often be found on my racing bike. I also enjoy to go to a festival from time to time. I like to be among people and I am someone who likes to connect with people. This corresponds well with Kadonation's values, which is partly why I feel welcomed and at home here.

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Aron D'hooge

Account Manager

I graduated in SME Management in 2019. Soon, I realised that Kadonation was the perfect place to start my professional career after I worked here for a couple of months for an internship. Whenever I'm not on the road doing sales for Kadonation, you can often find me on my bicycle or somewhere hanging out with my girlfriend, friends or family.

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The Netherlands

Nicky van Ooijen

Account executive

Ambitious, enthusiastic, and a healthy dose of humor. These are some of the qualities that I bring with me to my daily life. I love connecting people and thus creating a fun working atmosphere. This is also what Kadonation stands for. Furthermore I like to have fun and therefore you can often find me hanging out with friends and family. The remaining time I like to spend on soccer, tennis and mountain biking.

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Bastiaan Bracke

Account Executive

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Business with a passion for Sales. I have a broad field of interests that ranges from (window)shopping in interior design stores over listening to film music, to cooking a Ottolenghi recipe. Furthermore, I like to travel in South-East Asia and you can regularly find me on a padel court, running or in the gym as well!

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Brussels & Wallonia

Elisa Waty

Inside Sales Representative

A busy bee, that's who I am! Cooking, playing tennis, travelling, running and taking care of her dog Ziggy are her greatest passions besides hanging out with my friends. After a bachelor's degree in retail management, international business management and a postgraduate degree in digital marketing, I'm ready to start my professional career full of enthusiasm at Kadonation.

Belgium & The Netherlands

Inge Bollens

Operations Manager

Since June 2021, I have been joining the operations team as Operations Manager. I like to roll up my sleeves and am creative, so I develop my own care products. I am also a real animal lover and a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to sports, except for ball games. I also love the smell of fresh coffee, nature, camping and people around me.

Belgium & The Netherlands

Sare Van Keymeulen

Customer Support & Operations

I have been part of the Operations and Customer Service team since March 2021. I am someone who loves challenges, especially in terms of sports. I run regularly in my spare time and occasionally take part in marathons. I also love crossfit. Sports aside, I like to spend time with my friends and family.

Belgium & The Netherlands

Martijn Van Caneghem

Customer support & operations

Since July 2021 I have been part of the Customer Service and Operations team. I am active in the youth council of Oosterzele, and in my spare time I like to go swimming or running. Furthermore, I like to play and walk with my new puppy Puck, a dachshund!